Dear LFC-Fans: This ist Jürgen Klopp

A Klopp for the Kop

Dear Liverpool-Fans, take yourselves in eight, denn Jürgen Klopp is coming. Here are the four things you have to know about the trainer with the sock-shoot.

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1. He’s very successful
My dear Mister Singing Club, what has he had a successful time in Dortmund. Two times Meister, one time Pokalwinner and even the Final in the Königsklasse: Jürgen Klopp really has a few grandios saisons gespielt. His success comes from a good mix of his abilities. He’s a real tactic-fox (he even has a second brain, Zjelko Buvac) and he really can take a mannschaft with him. What helps there, is his juvenile language: »A team has to burn. The game is brutal. I have really ram on it. It was a horny game.« and so on. Also, if something’s not working out, he’s not one who talks long around the hot porridge. A very important eigenschaft as a coach.

2. He’s very emotional
When you see Jürgen Klopp on the sideline, giving a referee the einlauf of his lifetime, you’ll know that he is not your average zero eight fifteen-coach. If he feels unfair behandelt, he’s jumping in triangles and even quits interviews and leaves the interviewer standing in the rain, wich is of course very blöd for the journalist. But also as a player you have to take yourself in eight. If you think you don’t have to give everything, you are on the woodway and you’ll come in devil’s kitchen.

A classic hit-sword, a solid, reliable plowhorse

3. He wasn’t a very good footballer
As a player, Jürgen Klopp was rather a classic hit-sword. One who went with the head through the wall and slidingtackled his opponents likely over the werbebande, if he had to sit a sign. He definitely wasn’t much of a beautyplayer or even a magic-mouse, but a solid, reliable plowhorse in the defense, a man-decker of the old school. What a shame they don’t make players like him anymore. 

4. He’s very funny
If you have Jürgen Klopp as your Trainer, there’s never gonna be dead trouser. He likes to joke around a lot in press conferences and really has a Schalk in his neck (don’t verwechsel das with »Schalke«). Sometimes it’s even too much and all his jokes start going on your cookie. Also, if you don’t like TV-Werbung, you’ll soon have a problem, because in things of werbung, he’s a real thousandsassa. But as long as his perfomance knocks you out of your socks, that’s gonna be okay, right?

An here is, what Dortmund loved about him: (Link)