Interview with »Football Leaks«

»They want to silence us«

Have Fifa, national football associations or the clubs connected to the publications tried to get in contact with you or even threaten you?
On the contrary, FIFA welcomes all those revelations. And we were happy to hear that FIFA TMS General Manager Mark Goddard checks our website, and uses the information for their compliance activities. We only had problems with Sporting Lisbon and Doyen Sports, looks like transparency was problematic for them…

It is said that the both of them are trying to sue you. Did police or lawyers approach you?

We don’t trust the Portuguese authorities, in fact we know things in Portugal always run in a very dirty way when there is a lot of money involved. Doyen’s influence is very powerful, and we know in fact the investigation proceedings have been compromised.

How do you know?

Our sources found that evidence, and we know about secret meetings, between members of the Portuguese Police and that agency, in Lisbon. Rogério Bravo, a Portuguese Police Chief Inspector is a very good friend of Nélio Lucas (Doyen’s CEO) and he was pressuring the Attorney General's Office to share all the details about the investigation. In fact Doyen is only using the police investigation to get to us, and they hired a private intelligence agency (Marclay Associates) to do the dirty job.

What does »dirty job« mean?

It means they are on the field searching everywhere as they want to stop this at any cause. The Big Bosses in Turkey and Kazakhstan are really angry, and they want to silence us as fast as possible, so people can understand we are facing huge risks. 

Now it becomes complicated. Why Turkey and Kazakhstan? Who do you mean?
The bosses of the Doyen Group - the Arif family, one of the richest families in Turkey, with ties to Donald Trump and the Turkish President.
According to some reports Tevfik Arif was once arrested on a yacht in 2010 by Turkish police investigating a prostitution ring.

The Daily Mirror reported that you were blackmailing Doyen's Nelio Lucas via mail. It says you demanded money for holding back documents.
We never contacted Nélio Lucas. And don’t you think that is strange that only Doyen Sports claims they were victims of blackmailing?!

 That all sounds like a really desperate attempt to discredit Football Leaks.

The report says you used the name Artem Louzov in mails. Is that true?

No. But we recognize that name. We’ve received some strange emails from someone called Artem Lobuzov in early December. He said and I can quote »You are very good. I want to buy your information you have on sports - how much do you want?« »I can offer around 650k Euros«. We obviously refused such an offer.

Did you ever delete documents and if so, why?

Of course not, in fact we’ve got now more than 500 GB of documents. We have thousands of documents, and we are still reviewing the information. 

So you plan to publish more documents in the nearer future?

You can expect many new revelations, about transfers and investment funds.

--The interview was given via mail.