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In 1918, Timberland founder Nathan Swartz began his career shoes in Boston,
Massachusetts, as an apprentice stitcher, later in the year 1955 Swartz
bought the remaining shares of the company and his son in the company. In
1960, the Swartz family while the technology innovative injection molding
resulted in the footwear industry. This makes the production made possible by
nearly waterproof boots colder temperatures in the tropical climate or form
through the direct connection of the plant to the upper seamless.

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Timberland story began all the way back in 1918 in a small Boston,
Massachusetts, shoe factory, the Abington Shoe Company, where he was the
founder, Nathan Swartz, began his career as an apprentice stitcher a start.
He cut leather, seams, attached soles and learned how to leather goods with
his own hands and crafts.
Timberland has been and is a reference in the culture and culture-cons over
the years. From construction workers to craftsmen to hip-hop book. All walks
of life have their feet in a pair of Timberland boots classic wheat had.
Below is a brief overview of the company and its growth over the years.

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