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Manuel Neuer Welttorhüter 2013
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The world’s best goalkeeper 2013
6. January 2014

Manuel NEUER is the World’s Best Goalkeeper 2013
Editorial staff and experts from 70 countries and chosen from all the
football continents took part in the 27th running of the IFFHS annual
election of The World’s Best Goalkeeper.

After the reign of Iker Casillas since 2008 (5 titles in raw), it is not a
surprise to see the domination for 2013 from Manuel Neuer, the German
goalkeeper of FC Bayern München and the German National Team. After a second
place in 2011 and two 4th places in 2010 and 2012, the 27 years old Manuel
Neuer is, with more than 130 points advance before the second, the World’s
Best Goalkeeper 2013. He won all world, european and german titles with the
FC Bayern, concluding a fantastic year with this individual title. He shows
also that a great team must have a great goalkeeper. Behind Neuer, Gianluigi
Buffon (35 years old) took the second place after an excellent year with
Juventus Torino. He won the title four times (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007) and has
been in the TOP 5 since 14 years !

At the third place, Petr Cech, the Czech Goalkeeper of Chelsea London, shows
all the world that he is with Buffon and Casillas, one of the three World’s
Best Goalkeeper of the last 10 years. Cech, 31 years old, has been for the
7th time in th Top 3! After him, Thibaut Courtois, the young goalkeeper of
Atlético de Madrid and of the Belgium National Team, can be his successor in
Chelsea. He is 21 years old and has a great future. Victor Valdès from FC
Barcelona took the 5th place before Iker Casillas, who was the best from 2008
to 2012, and had a difficult year with Real Madrid. Iker, 32 years old, can
have some other great years in the future.


Manuel NEUER (FC Bayern München): 211 points
Gianluigi BUFFON (Juventus FC Torino): 78 points
Petr CECH (Chelsea FC London ): 64 points
Thibaut COURTOIS (Club Atlético de Madrid): 54 points
Victore VALDES (FC Barcelona): 53 points
Iker CASILLAS (Real Madrid CF): 23 points
Salvatore SIRIGU (Paris St Germain): 5 points