Barca-Real, das teuerste Spiel der Welt

12 Diamond-encrusted skulls

Heute steigt »El Clasico«, FC Barcelona gegen Real Madrid. Nie zuvor dürfte bei einem Spiel soviel Geld auf dem Platz gestanden haben. Unser Shoppingexperte Titus Chalk hat ausgerechnet, was man sich dafür kaufen könnte.  Barca-Real, das teuerste Spiel der Welt
When Barcelona host Real Madrid on Sunday for the latest clash in the 107-year history of El Clasico, the global spotlight will shine on the match like never before. Not only to see if Barcelona can snatch back top spot in La Liga, not only to see how Real Madrid react after being booed by fans in mid-week, but also because this will be the most expensively assembled game of football in the sport’s history. As far as I could calculate, the money spent to assemble the two squads totals approximately €674.4 million – a breathtaking, some might say obscene, amount of money. As I did the maths it was striking just how much of that is Real Madrid’s outlay - €453.9 million spent, compared to Barcelona’s €220.5 million. The Catalan club’s Masia continues to develop quality players at a startling rate, several of whom could star this weekend in what Gunter Netzer called, »The ultimate game«.


But just how entertaining or exciting can we expect the game to be? Is it really going to be a hundred times better than a game between €6 million of players for example? The amount of money spent to stage this lavish spectacle seems to blow any reasonable expectations of what a football match should be out of the water, begging the question – is it really worth it? In case you were wondering, here’s what else you could buy for €674.4 million:  

12 Diamond-encrusted skulls such as the €55 million For the love of God by artist Damon Hirst. Alternatively for that much money, he would probably do you the entire diamond-encrusted skeleton.  

Liverpool Football Club, for around €550. That would leave you plenty to invest in the squad (top of the shopping list a world-class winger and another striker), but alas not enough for the desperately needed new stadium.  

The Beatles back catalogue, plus rights to hits by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks. If you’re interested, get in touch with the executors of Michael Jackson’s will. At his death, he owned half of ATV/Sony who own publishing rights to the above music. The company is worth an estimated €550.  

Your own state-of-the-art air force: The Eurofighter is a snip at only €63 million. Get yourself ten and you’re ready to go. You would even have enough change to get snazzy Top Gun-style personalised helmets – and plenty of cash for when »Your ego’s writing cheques, your body can’t cash!«  

Louisiana: In 1803, America bought the state of Louisiana from France for the sum of $15,000,000, which when adjusted for inflation and converted to Euros makes only €142.7 million – a bargain! You could potentially even lure Real Madrid there to become the latest MLS Franchise.  

So, this weekend’s Clasico might not exactly be value for money, but try telling that to the one billion or so people worldwide who will be watching. The pressure on Barcelona to win what may essentially be a title-deciding match is exacerbated by the loss of key players such as Zlatan Ibramhimovic and Lionel Messi through injury, and the likes of Yaya Toure with Swine Flu. Madrid meanwhile are far less than the sum of their expensively assembled parts, resembling perhaps unsurprisingly, Real Madrid the last time Florentino Perez was in charge. Personally, I am hoping for a ramshackle derby defined by mistakes, shoddy defending and lots of goals, an absorbing football match in spite of, not because of, the vast sums of money spent on players.